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Request: Can I request some headcanons about Deku, Bakugou annnddd whoever else you’d like with reader and they are currently dating. Reaction to reaching you from your crazy ex boyfriend who is…very powerful and has managed to corner you, alone. You’re scared, you’re a civilian. “ oh shh. Don’t cry baby, i’m here. Nov 13, 2019 · [HAZBIN] Alastor X Reader Dating Headcanons. Add to Favourites. Comment. By RoryHarmony12 Watch. 67 Favourites. 16 Comments. 2K Views ... Bendy x reader "get back ...

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Request: Can I request some headcanons about Deku, Bakugou annnddd whoever else you’d like with reader and they are currently dating. Reaction to reaching you from your crazy ex boyfriend who is…very powerful and has managed to corner you, alone. You’re scared, you’re a civilian. “ oh shh. Don’t cry baby, i’m here.
「 there is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so. 」 → danganronpa V3 x reader headcanons ←. Danganronpa v3 X reader -oneshots, Scenarios, Etc• katsuki bakugou x reader • hitoshi shinsou x reader • kyoka jirou x reader s u m m a r y : headcanons for when their s/o falls asleep on their shoulder! n o t e : okay so I got this idea when I was in bed like a majority of the ideas I got and I thought it’d be fun to write!

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Boku no Hero Academia fancomic - Not Dating (Не встречаемся). Автор.
Digital platform for read Korean webtoons. Find your favorite premium manhwa and webtoons translated to english for free. You can read thousands of comics online without spending a single of penny. We want people can read great comics online without paying any cost.10. guvy. 11. knockin'. 12. nuke the fridge.

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#mha x reader #bakugou x reader #todoroki x reader #bnha x reader #my hero academia x reader #my hero headcanons #my hero imagines #my hero scenarios #bakugou ...
I'm going to try really hard to have no grammar/spelling mistakes and make it realistic as possible to the anime/manga. In this particular story, it's a Bakugou X Reader fan fiction so please feel free to leave suggestions and criticism on the story or anything in general.To answer your question u were one of the top 3 people I asked to do a request for me since I’m kinda new to community I had this for a min but it just kinda sat on my phone & one day when I was looking up some Bakugou x reader stories on here I found u if I’m not mistaken it was your pen pal series I were the second person I asked & I don’t regret it I mean that request U wrote was like ...

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Headcanon: Hajime likes skateboarding and finds it helps him clear his head and think. That's why the logic dives look the way they do - he's trying to Headcanon: Hiroko taught Yasuhiro basic medical training. As a nurse and former delinquent, Hiroko believed that it was important for her son to learn...
What's ur favorite story you've read so far I wanna read them!! Aleshka : First of all, this reeks of a renamed/reimagined Erwin x Levi doujin second, what chinese manhua was the mangaka reading and what were they snorting while writing this.Bakugou by now was used to see you seeking physical affection, but what made him totally snap was how Todoroki enveloped you into a side hug while his eyes were locked into Bakugou’s ones. That was too much for him. Hence, he grabbed the collar of your shirt and pulled you into a surprisingly soft kiss.

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But Bakugou will always flip it so that he's in control. He has his s/o right where he wants them, squirming underneath him and pleading for release. Third, Bakugou also likes to use his heavenly tongue as leverage for certain things. If he wasn't good at it, he couldn't use it as a barganging chip.
Anonymous: Bakugou, Sero and Shinsou headcanons for seeing their crush hold onto an anime character plush captioning it the love of their life but they can't help but imagine that's them like their hero plushie in the future or just them in the moment because the plush kind of looks like them, y'know same hair or expression that they would make? Anonymous said: Can I request a human reader x Demetri where she gets really bad migraines during her time of the month. It’s been a hellish start to this week and it would mean the world to me. I...

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sunshine (bakugou x reader) A/N: this is so OOC. i’m just putting that out there. but i think it’s cute? i dunno, i guess that’s for you to decide haha! i hope you enjoy! word count: 1k warnings:...
starting off with Bakugou! I know that in my original post on Wattpad I started with Kaminari but I wanted to switch things up a bit ;)) anyways, just a reminder while reading these to not make negative criticism or any kinds of hateful comments, if you don't know what a headcanon is then simply ask me!